There’s a certain degree of entrepreneurship boom in the market and with that there’s a surfeit of startups. How are these startups differentiating from each other to stand out in the market? Most of them are doing so by being innovative in the marketing strategies. But, are they really succeeding?

Most of the startups fail to captivate their audience in the first few years of functioning and run out of business. But, there are a few techniques that could make a difference to the marketing strategies and one of them is an explainer video. Explainer video is a very powerful way to communicate with the audience and can be useful to build a loyal base of customers. Startups can either leverage social media for promoting the video or putting it on their homepage to make it more appealing to the visitors.

Here are more reasons why your business should have one:

Your Product/Service Needs an Introduction

Your perfect business and revenue model will not work if you don’t introduce your product/service to the customers. With the help of an explainer video, you have that one chance to make a lasting impression on the audience. Ideally, a creative showcase of your product/service should be integral to your core marketing plan. A good video is bound to provoke an interest in the minds of your potential customers and hence generate more queries and eventually more sales.

Your Brand Needs to Stand Out

The market is flooding with startups. How are you going to make sure your potential customers notice you first?  It needs to be by creating a brand voice. That brand voice has a certain degree of connectivity with the audience and a persona. This can be achieved by an explainer video. Once your voice is heard, your audience becomes loyal bound by certain emotional aspects that you must appeal to and hence they transform into customers. For building a persona, you need to identify the target audience, understand their behavioral makeup and create a persona that they could connect to. Much of the success of a startup lies on its perception. How is the startup being perceived by its target audience?

You Need Your Voice to Deliver a Powerful Message

A powerful pitch is all you need! While you have mastered the business operations aspect, you may have yet another mountain to climb and that mountain is the “What’s in it for us?” question put up by your potential customers. Your explainer video can help to revamp your pitch and deliver clearly the message to an audience beyond your current location. The ideal message should highlight the startup’s features and plus points and compel its audience to think and translate that thought into positive action.

 Explainer Videos Are a Great Way to Do SEO

Video marketing is the most crucial tool of online marketing and is recommended by most online marketing strategists. Google loves video. A video is more likely to show up on the first page of search results than articles or news pieces. This increases the digital footprints of the product/service and ultimately reach to a wider audience. It is important to reach out to more people as it gets them talking, a very important standpoint in marketing a product or service. Videos incorporated on a website have proven to increase its SEO efforts. This improvement in ranking as a result of good SEO, further drives traffic towards the website and hence generates sales/awareness.

Explainer Videos Enhance Brand Recall

Videos are memorable. The music, imagery and animation appeals more to the audience. People have higher recall value of things they see and listen than just read or listen. The combination of audio and video stays in memory for long for a majority of the people. This in itself explains why video is a powerful medium to transmit information. In the fast paced life, people are seeking infotainment rather than just information. Explainer videos can deliver infotainment while effectively conveying the message shortly and precisely. Startups should aim at telling a story rather than selling products. More often than not, customers make their buying decisions emotionally. Appealing to them with the right emotion can go a long way in creating a brand loyalty.


In this new era of marketing, innovation and creative tweaks are the key to successful marketing campaigning, which can be achieved by explainer videos. These types of videos have higher conversion rate when it comes to generating sales inquiry. Explainer videos can benefit both the existing and potential customer as it enhances their understanding of the product or service in a more comprehensive way.

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