You may be a prolific Twitter user or someone new on the block, just anyone can capitalize on the wealth that the functions on Twitter offer to help give your business the much needed boost. Once you pick up on marketing on Twitter, you will be able to harness the huge community of tweeple by sharing information so as to involve, engage and gather a strong client base. Some of the best ideas for small business marketing advised by word class marketing gurus have Twitter as part of their agenda. Here are 6 effective tips to promote your business on Twitter:

  1. Get users to comment on your business: If you let your clients to tweet out comments on your business page, blog or website, then you will be able to increase the popularity and potential of your business exponentially. When you allow your followers the ability to comment on your website while at the same time sharing these comments on twitter, you will expose your business to many twitter followers who discover your business and be interested in your services or products. Enabling this crucial process can promote your business to a large number of potential clients in the most effective way.
  2. Tweet out business updates automatically: You will be allowed to organize your business website so as to allow automatic tweeting of any updates that are added to the website on your twitter account. This process hardly involves any efforts and is extremely accessible where in you can connect to popular and relevant twitter streams. This also ensures that there is a regular followers get notified consistently of new services, products, offers, events and promotions that you role out from time to time. This will also help increase the online traffic to your website significantly.
  3. Twitter’s ‘Follow’ button: Twitter has a number of functions that allows you to efficiently connect the business website to your followers. For instance, you will be allowed to integrate a ‘follow’ on twitter button in the pages of your business website so as to enable potential clients to let them follow you. They will be notified on your services and products and they could possible turn to potential valued customers when they are updated regularly.
  4. Encouraging customer engagement: business promotion with twitter can become a rewarding experience when you encourage user engagement. When you allow potential customers to comment on your website, you should also modify your products in order to fulfill their needs and requirements. When customers post queries and comments, make sure to interact with them so that you can provide them with suitably tailored services or products. This constant conversation via twitter with your potential clients and existing customers will help you get a good hang of what your potential market is looking for and how you can improve your services. Good customer service is key to any successful business and Twitter can sure help with that in a big way!
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